Safeguard range to adapt at any Airport

The autonomous runway protection device arose from our #sharing value: we involved end-users, beneficiaries and then international organizations and associations. This is what deserves to be called an innovation: affordable from an infrastructure and budget perspective, all tailored to specific operational needs. That's why you won't find any technical documents here: We're happy to meet you and work with you to create the best runway incursion mitigation solution! #sharingvalue

Autonomous runway Safeguard

Detects aircraft approaching or taking off
Automatically activate ArS lights
Automatically alarms Vehicles
No civil works | No Surface Radar required
Suitable for Remote Towers & CAT I ops

Autonomous CDU

CDU + Ars integrated
Combined with loop detection
Connected to ATC
Independent of current ALCMS
Suitable for CAT I ops

RWY Incursion | CDU

The most complete safeguard with ALCMS
LEAD ON + STOP BAR control
Detection on air + surface
Suitable for CAT II & CAT III
Remote Towers Control Center

Airports | AGL Monitoring & Control
Patented Optical Fiber technology: Innovative and Green 

Full product range and Software for the remote control + monitoring of AGL Airfield Ground Lights and Auxiliary Services.

SEPARATED CABLE | Power Line communication for data transmission is obsolete at this stage: optical fiber data transmission, even among modules on airfield, is the Patented Innovation by MC Solutions and offers countless advantages: high data volume, transmission speed, immunity to interferences, redundant and fault-tolerance.
MIA SYSTEM is developed to manage the Auxiliary Services, to monitor the Obstacle Lights and Flashing, among others. The system integrates with the existing infrastructure and is then compatible with each kind of Constant Current Regulator CCR and each kind of ground light with FAA standard connectors.
SIMULATION | The simulator workstation is designed to test the uploaded software changes by remote and to train Tower and maintenance operators. The simulation program is delivered through the software that is actually in use by the airport itself. All our products are EASA-FAA-ICAO compliant.

Monitoring | Module MCLO

Monitoring from 1 to 5 lamps.
Individual single lamp control.
Consumption 0.7 Watt.
Case and Connectors IP 68.
Immune to interferences.
Pre-cabled and uploaded Firmware.
Connectors Plug&Play.


MIA System:
PC logic - Tailored - Redundant.
Alarms Notice in 0.7 sec on primary services.
Overall RWY change in 10 sec.
Remote Update.
Customised Simulator.
Training for operators.

RWY Incursion | CDU

Immune to interferences.
No Microwaves.
Consumption max 15 Watt.
LEAD ON management.
STOP BAR control.
Detects: Speed and Direction of any kind of vehicle on airfield!

Interfaces | GPI & UNI-CONV

Interface for any kind of CCR.
Multiwire connection.
Ethernet connection.
LonWorks Protocol.
J-BUS/Mod BUS Protocol.
RS485/232/422 Protocol.

Airports | Programming and Diagnosis instruments

The Programming instruments supplied for our installed devices makes the operators independent on their maintenance routine activities. The Diagnosis Instruments constantly test the system performance and monitor its functionalities: this allows a preventive maintenance. Moreover these instruments allows to schedule the interventions with a remarkable maintenance costs reduction. Our technology arise from experience: we know very well how to make the activities on field faster and easier.

Program. & Testing | W-PROG

Programming instrument for monitoring modules.
Modules' testing instrument.
Simultaneous programming on the channel.
Wireless LAN connection LAN to PC or Tablet.
Inner rechargeable batteries.
Aeronautic Suitcase - portable.

Optical Fibre Tester | KIT-FO

Checks the optimal status of optical fiber cable.
Tests the communication functionalities.
Module / PC connection.
Rechargeable batteries.
Aeronautic Suitcase - portable.

Timing Test | LTC

Feedback time test of Hw & Sw burnt lamp alarm notification.
Test on any kind of AGL/ALCMS.
Immune to human responsiveness.
Issues uneditable Report.
LTC is certified by an independent Body.
Aeronautic Suitcase - portable.

FAA L-890 Compliance

Advisory service for ALCMS according to FAA L-890 standards.
User Interface settings and alert/alarm requirements for the Airfield Light Control and Monitoring System - ALCMS.

HW & SW custom made | Data Transmission and Remote Control

Our expertise is data transmission. We have applied this mastery to several sectors delivering to our customers project development, prototype and at the end the series production. High Tech and professionalism allow us to support our customers in many industrial branches: home automation, remote communication, data wireless transmission and remote control of industrial plants.
INDUSTRIAL BRANCH | GSM/GPRS, EDGE, UMTS/HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, LTE technology and CDMA protocols. Automatic and wireless firmware update avoiding to manage on site activities.
CONFERENCES & EVENTS SECTOR | MC Solutions supports the customer in the design and takes care of analog/digital HD Video distribution system. Our case history are in automated halls for the audio/video signal distribution and conference halls. The signals are transmitted on an optical fiber backbone to cover long distances and on traditional copper wires for local distribution. We guarantee the optimal setting up by means of the latest generation instruments to test the signal quality and test the right installing procedure as well as calibration.
ANTI INTRUSION & VIDEO SURVEILLANCE | The data transmission quality and the reliability of our remote surveillance systems are a guarantee for indoor security and safety management, as in large outdoor areas too.

The whole MC Solutions product range is engineered on two fundamental concepts: “plug-and-play” device and user friendly interface.

Hardware | Custom Engineered

Prototype development
Series manufaturing
High Tech
Sturdy Mechanical

Software | Custom Developed

Developed by our Company Division.
Diversified Comunication protocols.
User friendly PC logic/Web Page

Remote Control | Sectors

Gas Distribution plant
Public Lighting Control
Home Automation

Audio & Video Distribution

Analog/digital HD Video
Audio & Video Distribution
Conference Hall
Multi screen press room

"powerline communication is an obsolete technology: to give you a time reference just think that smartphones were not even existing when it has been first used to control airfield lights!"  Maurizio Cazzani - General Manager

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