Ethics and Code of Conduct

MC SOLUTIONS delivers its services and products, respecting the rules and regulations in the Countries in which it operates and conducts business with the highest degree of integrity, honesty, freedom, respect of human beings’ dignity and diversity, at the same time disowning each kind of discrimination manner about gender identity, sexual orientation, race, national origin, physical or mental or social condition, creed and politics.

With the above principles, MC Solutions fosters a respectful workplace, inspired to fair conduct and collaboration, based as well on the mastery acquired in its business branches, that allows to get the employees as well as collaborators engaged and empowered to reach specific goals through a nondiscriminatory manner.  

MC SOLUTIONS is aware that the authority of a company is recognized, besides the expertise of its coworkers and the high-quality customer service, also through the close attention that the Company pays to the needs of the entire community

This Ethics and Code of Conduct represent then a distinguishing and distinctive feature towards the market and third parties, that being acknowledged and sharing this ethics, can operate with and for the Company becoming part of the foundation of MC SOLUTIONS fair business and it represents the first step to pursue its mission. 

MC Solutions delivers its services assuring expertise, continuity, diligence, trustworthiness and high-quality performance in the perspective of a deep understanding and satisfaction of customer’s needs. 

These intents result tangibly into keeping its management quality system in compliance to UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 regulation.

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