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" . . . the operators on field: they are the best voices to trust about the highest efficiency achieved using optical fiber. Now it is these voices’ turn to let change the mindset of airports leaders, aviation authorities and infrastructure engineering companies, because AGL monitoring and control has always been conceived as a maintenance tool, but it is indeed a matter of safety"

Debora Cazzani - Marketing & Export Manager

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15th November 2023
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NEW PRODUCT! A r S Autonomous runway Safeguard: no ground radar, no civil works, protects hot spots and blind spots at any airport category! Any aerodrome deserves safety! the affordable and seamless integration ever! #mcsolutions #airportssafety #aviationlovers #airportoperations #sharingvalue 🙌 🛫 watch the video!

9th November 2023
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#Sinergo Team and #mcsolutions have in common the same value: sharing knowledge and experience at #interairporteurope #sustainability focus! Interesting case histories and studies on how anyone in his field can contribute to sustainability #solarenergysystem #monitoringsolutions Thanks Filippo Bittante 🛫 🌱

3rd November 2023
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get ready: what appears to be the beginning is actually the result of our #sharingvalue
We believe in sharing the features with the end users and the beneficiaries of the project: this is what deserves to be called innovating #mcsolutions hashtag#innovation #aviationindustry #agl #aviationsafety 

25th October 2023
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Returning from Munich #interairport get ready for the launch of our new Autonomous Runway Incursion Prevention system to complete our airfield light remote control and monitoring . . . "incurable #innovators"!! #regionalgateway #remotetowers #mcsolutions #alcms #runwayincursionprevention

17th October 2023
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thanks to #Assolombarda, the President Gianni Caimi , Gigliola Santin and director Fabio Felice Colombo for sharing our enthusiasm last week at #mcsolutions headquarters. We are aware of our responsibility not just towards aviation with our safety equipment, but even more to our community, their families, the environment and our economic context. that's G_local... that's our way!

12th October 2023
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Happy with my left and right arm at the #interairport 2023! thanks to all our visitors, colleagues and friends supporting our FAA certified innovative ALCMS!

27th September 2023
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Waiting for our #interairport2023 exhibition enjoy our brand new Audio & Video service gallery!
#mcsolutions #audiovideoservice #innovation #event

25th September 2023
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14 days to our #interairport2023 exhibition: we invite you to experience at first hand our airfield light remote control and monitoring. It is not just a maintenance accessory, it is not just an additional feature to the lighting. In an holistic perspective it delivers efficiency from air to ground, to surface movement and then reduces unnecessary fuel consumption, cutting CO2, noise reduction, improves passengers' experience & capacity. Visit us at stand 1257 - hall B5! see you soon 🛫 #mcsolutions #interairport2023 #esg #sustainability #netzero #interairportFOCUS

1st September 2023
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And contemporary to F1 set up here we are with a Ready Set Action for an F2 presentation! My tremendous team has lots in common with our aviation branch: be very qualified, keep calm, analyse and then action! Good job guys and enjoy the show! 👍 #mcsolutions #infrastructure #f12023 #f2

5th September 2023
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Green Light to another thrilling Formula 1 experience . Our passions in one day: the aviation world with the astonishing performance of the #FrecceTricolori at the temple of speed Autodromo Nazionale Monza thanks to our terrific team! #mcsolutions #aviation #f12023

31st August 2023
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Another F1 edition Autodromo Nazionale Monza . . . almost ready to catch pictures of the gorgeous cars at 300km/h with brand new optical fiber cameras, video network and audio system by MC Solutions . . . 3 days to go! Stay tuned and enjoy the show! 🚦🚦🚦#mcsolutions #f1 #f12023 #engineering #opticalfiber #infrastructure

21st July 2023
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The best way to start the racing season: #wec the FIA World Endurance Championship. 6 hours of Monza have meant to us: Anthem on lane, Concert Audio management, press room audio and video, control room. Thrilling moments...get ready for the GP at the Temple of Speed! #audiovideo service #mcsolutions #event2023

11th July 2023
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New assignment for MC Solutions: remote control and monitoring system of lights, synchronization of the approach flashing sequence by radio link, integrated in the ALCMS. The scenario is our beautiful Italy, with a peculiar curved approach on the surrounding hills. #agl #airports #airportoperations #airfield #aviationnews #mcsolutions #innovation #avl

26th May 2023
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Thanks to ENAC - Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile especially Eng. Luca Sandro for organizing the The International Civil Aviation Organization VAWG21 visit, to SAVE S.p.A especially Eng. corrado fischer with his Safety&Technical team and Airside Electrical staff that supported our deicing "pitch invasion"! #mcsolutions #aviationindustry #airportoperations #airportssafety #icao #agl #passengerexperience #visualaids

23rd May 2023
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See You in Venice tomorrow and thanks to ICAO Visual Aids Working Group for welcoming us. Thanks to ENAC for organizing this important sharing moment! #icao #enac #vawg #mcsolutions #visualaids

17th May 2023
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Airside efficiency has a major impact on the passenger experience, both before take-off and after landing. The efficiency of airfield lighting control and monitoring contributes greatly to the smoothness of movement and safety on the ground! #airportoperations #airportssafety #airportmanagement #airfield #passengerexperience #mcsolutions

27th April 2023
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Here we are: now listed in the FAA manufacturer list!

Page 52!

19th April 2023
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Experience our FAA certified ALCMS at first hand!
visit us
Airport Show Dubai 2023 - DWTC stand s1600!

4th April 2023
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After the Italian patent, the European one and the FAA L-890 certification, another milestone has been achieved: the US PATENT of the MC Solutions monitoring and control system. Join us on the road to success and now make the choice for a long-lasting innovation to project your airport into the future!

29th March 2023
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MC Solutions announces the FAA L-890 certification of the ALCMS from Level 1 to the maximum Level 4 Type D - SMGCS ready.

1st Italian | 1st European among 5 world players!

1st March 2023
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Thanks to Corrado Gex Airport and the Valle d'Aosta Region: once again, Aosta Airport trusts MC Solutions to upgrade the Lighting Visual Aids remote control system, including the management of visual aids and the remote control of the Heliport.
HIGH PERFORMANCE AT HIGH ALTITUDE, on the threshold of the spectacular Alpine scenery. (picture courtesy of AVDA).

9th January 2023
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Need innovation for Airport Rehab? Looking for AGL new monitoring and control technologies, already installed, patented and low consumption? Rely on experienced professionals: trust MC Solutions Italy to receive the best Hardware and Software support tailored to your needs.

22nd November 2022
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Thank you SEA Milan Airports - Thank you to all the participants of the Maintenance Observatory on November 16! it is always interesting to share projects, the results of one's work, the efforts, but also the satisfactions!

3rd November 2022
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Fiber Optic AGL Monitoring and Control: the innovation that reduces maintenance and environmental impact. How? At the 20th Maintenance Observatory Conference we will present the data collected in three years of operation, don't miss November 16 at MXP | T 1

3rd August 2022
Il Sole 24 ORE

At a time when size and economic power are the most effective competitive weapon in the market, "small is beautiful" is an unfashionable concept, and the attention of finance and institutions is focused on start-ups and incubators, the story of MC Solutions arouses interest. Because it is a small Brianza-based family business of ten
people, founded by a pilot-archimedes who ...  [read the article in english]

29th July 2022
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Here we are with another episode of our Talented Colleagues series. It is the turn of our Stefano Quagliarella, passionate Astro-photographer with this beautiful piece of Universe! March 2022, Sormano, Italy: Horse Head and Flame Nebula in Orion Belt captured with 200 stacked shoots.

7th July 2022
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part 2 GALF conference Dubai 2022 - Power line was born 30 years ago: it is time to change! The 3-year survey proof optical fiber comm works! 3450 optical connectors: 0 failure, 1725 optical fiber monitoring modules 2% failure; 6000 optical fiber segments: not a single failure! Advantages: no useless spare parts, low fixed maintenance costs, easy operations
efficiency reducing night operations, decrease in energy consumption. What are you waiting for? watch the video!

29th June 2022
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Self sustaining infrastructure is the future of AGL monitoring and control, limiting maintenance fixed costs.
Power line communication technology was born 30 years ago and does not deliver the safety required by AGL monitoring...The airport is like an orchestra the video!

26th May 2022
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A brand-new artistic touch by our colleague Francesca Bucci proudly displayed in our meeting room! MC Solutions is glad to do an homage to the most famous skyscrapers all over the world: symbol of the desire to reach always higher goals in personal and professional life. A special homage #burjkhalifa in Dubai that recently welcomed us #Airportshow

19th May 2022
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thanks to all our visitors and friends! A special thank to the founder of our company that has shared with us the special stage Airport Show Dubai

11th May 2022
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Why accept downtime in remote monitoring and control of AGL? Complete and exhaustive analysis of the infrastructure of the future already existing, installed and available: reduced maintenance fixed costs, reduced energy consumption, delivering efficient operations and flexible design. Enlighten your vision and sustain the hub traffic capacity increase without leaning on passenger's flow incomes. #future #infrastructure #maintenance #airportoperations #airports #aviationindustry ask for the white paper!

9th May 2022
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Glad and honored to participate in the panel discussion of the 17th May: Airport Innovation and Development! Conference Room A at 1.30 pm. Thanks to the moderator Orkun Altintas and to the Illustrious Colleagues

4th May 2022
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Meet us at Dubai AirportShow | 17-19 May | Stand 2007.
Discover our integrable solutions for a reliable data collection on airfield! #airports #aviationindustry #mcsolutions #midweekpost #agl #rxevents #dubaiairportshow2022

13th April 2022
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Are you ready? We are! #theairportshow Dubai | 17-19th May 2022 | Stand 2007 | Hall 2 thanks to the RX Global for this thrilling intro, waiting to welcome you there! watch the full video #midweekpost #mcsolutions #aviationindustry #agl #monitoring #dubai

6th April 2022
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To deliver High Tech solutions MC renew its LAB with cutting-edge rework station: SMD and THT soldering, ranging from simple chips, such as 0603 packages, to more advanced LQFP ICs. It is equipped with a IPC compliant microscope to analyze every joint on the PCB #tech #aviationindustry #enginnering #airportdesign #airports #custom #customelectronics #midweekpost #mcsolutions

24th March 2022
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Operational Efficiency reducing Maintenance fixed costs + Reducing unnecessary fuel burn on ground = MIA System ALCMS | ASMGCS #maintenance #netzeroemissions #safety #aviationindustry #agl #aviationpros

23rd February 2022
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Digital transition brings along tangible benefits and savings when it becomes a transformation. AGL data collection and remote control with optical fiber communication grants safety, efficiency and low maintenance fixed costs. These are the key performance indicators of the infrastructures of the future. We can support you to reach these goals! #maintenance #digital #aviationindustry #agl #airportoperations #airfield #data #safety #digitalisation #midweekpost

17th February 2022
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with a certified and patented instrument LTC Lamp Time Control we can support you in certifying the response time to send the alarm for burnt lamp to Tower. We can test any kind of monitoring technology.
Watch the full Video on our youtube channel: #technology #midweekpost #airportoperations #airports #maintenance #agl #safety #aviationindustry

2nd February 2022
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MC Solutions announces the beginning of its journey towards a sustainable development, not just engineering low consumption devices. The first step is sharing the vision of a development grounded on the three pillars of sustainable development with our team first and then working on continuous improvements following the green! Thanks to Snam S.p.A. for inviting us joining #sustainable #engineering #development #midweekpost #netzerocarbon #airports #airportmanagement

26th January 2022
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AGL monitoring belongs to safety scope, right? In a building, would you power your fire prevention system on the same circuit of other services? Is your phone or internet connection on power line? Well, once we all agree that we are in the XXI century, we can go forward adding compliances to common sense. Last but not least the GRF on data quality: ADR.OPS.B030 8 (SMGCS) - A.035.Data transferred without corruption | Fully automated process. A.040/050.. #safety #data #airportoperations #airportssafety #airportoperations #airportmanagement #midweekpost #airports

7th December 2021
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Necessarily we are all focused on preventing new variants diffusion, but we cannot solve the problem by simply cancelling flights and closing borders. Airplanes are made to fly, to connect people, to discover new places, to understand and respect different cultures, to open our minds.
By definition the aviation actors are innovators directing their eyes towards innovation, efficiency delivered through new technologies. Anyone of us plays a key role: Mc Solutions founds its role on airfield supporting customers to keep high safety standards on AGL remote control and monitoring. Safety and sustainability are elements of the same formula: delivering an infrastructure with near-0-maintenance costs, saving energy consumption and offering LTO efficiency increasing airport capacity and fluidity on ground movements. #aviation #innovation #sustainability #aviationindustry #infrastructure #maintenance #safety #sustainability #Netzero #decarbonisation #energy #InternationalCivilAviationDay

22nd November 2021
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Thrill goes on the stage again with our tremendous Audio and Video Service team! great moments thanks to Autodromo Nazionale Monza FIA World Rally Championship and to the public! #datatransmission #innovation

17th November 2021
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We are very glad to share with you the Innovation Award moments at Interairport Europe! Watch the video excerpt on our Youtube channel and the inter airport Europe winners video

13th November 2021
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Have you missed our presentation? Here it is "shaping runway recovery: Innovative Design & Digitalisation on field" ask for it to

10th November 2021
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The best way to inaugurate our MC Solutions Page: inter airport Europe Innovation Award in the category Data/Digitalisation: celebrate with us! #innovationawards #mcsolutions #aglife #airportoperations #airports #aviationindustry

12th October 2021
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Vote MC Solutions at the inter airport Europe Innovation Awards 2021!
Choose your Digitalisation and Sustainability Hero! Vote!

6th October 2021
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Alarm in 0.7 seconds: interrogating 1725 monitoring modules simultaneously, receiving feedback from lights, calculating percentage of consecutive burnt lamps...more than redundant. This is efficiency, this is safety!

5th October 2021
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Alarm in 0.7 seconds: interrogating 1725 monitoring modules simultaneously, receiving feedback from lights, calculating percentage of consecutive burnt lamps...more than redundant. This is efficiency, this is safety! Discover the new category Airport Suppliers ALCMS

24th September 2021
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Digital Transition? Yes | Remote Towers? Yes | Green? Yes | Innovative? Yes! we are ready for #runwayrecovery and you?

15th September 2021
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Airport Solutions division and Audio&Video service team...what do they have in common? Optical Fiber data transmission and ... Dedication! Thanks to MC Solution team for their commitment working under pressure, both on airfield and on track. Well done guys!

15th September 2021
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After 20 Grand Prix at Monza, this one has a special taste: the F1 pilots in front of their public and our Olympic Champions. They are all Athletes that we admire for their sense of sacrifice and dedication. Thanks to @AlexanderMolina and to Verity Waple that gave MC Solutions Audio&Video service team the opportunity to do a great job and to feel the emotion of the public once again on the grandstands! Have a look to our Audio & Video service page

25th August 2021
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Digitalization on airfields too: MIA System is the answer to the ramp up and recovery projects. Efficient ALCMS, with certified response time, is able to control the AGL from remote control towers.
We are ready to restart, and you?

21st July 2021
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Celebrate with us another patent: LTC Lamp Time Control measures the timing compliance of your AGL monitoring to ICAO/EASA/FAA for burnt lamp detection. MC Solutions is ready to offer you this special ramp up service: discover more on our channel

8th July 2021
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+ 99°C + 80.7 Humidity rate + operating with not a single data package lost: MC Solutions continuous commitment in research & development. We are ready for the most severe environment, all over the world!

21st June 2021
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we are glad to share with you the tender adjudication for another Military Airport AGL Remote Control: the confirmation that our tailored solutions fit the military sector once again!

31st May 2021
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A new dawn for MC Solutions and for the aviation community. Several titles came to my mind and each one of them was the perfect one to describe my last days in Dubai. Enriching professional and personal experience. Cosmopolitan city: each vista is astonishing, each piece of skyline is impressive, every person we met was welcoming and appreciated our presence since travelling is still a bit complicated. So, it is time to thank all our visitors, the excellent team at Airport Show, the @GlobalAirportLeader'sForum for inviting me as panelist together with experienced professionals and Stephen Seddon for being our moderator. It has been an honour joining the @GALF.

31st May 2021
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We thank all our visitors and the extraordinary Dubai!

21st May 2021
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Check your ALCMS performance: is the responsiveness compliant with International Standards? LTC Lamp Time Control is the instrument certified by an independent body engineered to measure the burnt lamp detection time. Compatible with all kinds of ALCMS!

May 2021
News Release

AGL monitoring: the perfect formula lands at DXB.
Global Aviation Leaders' Forum.

24th May 2021 - GALF - ATC Forum

18th May 2021
LinkedIn Post

Our latest publication on Aviation Business Middle East: "How Efficiency can aid Airport Recoveries". See you soon in Dubai!

5th May 2021
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MC SOLUTIONS unveils its brand new web site, dressed up at its best waiting the Airportshow. New content, new design, new services available. Catch a glimpse!

30th April 2021
Post LinkedIn

we support airports delivering EFFICIENCY through INNOVATIVE and GREEN projects. Visit us at The AIRPORTSHOW Dubai from 24th to 26th May - Book your meeting or just pop up to see at stand 8007... LIVE!

21st April 2021
Aviation Business

Powerline Communication ‘Is Obsolete Tech For Airport Ground Lighting Control’
read Aviation Business – Technology section

14th April 2021
Post LinkedIn

It does not matter your airport CAT or aerodrome size: custom developed A-LCMS, tailored monitoring and control. Let's meet!

8th April 2021
Post LinkedIn

To meet our customers’ needs: New Engineering, Smaller case, simple installation and Low Consumption! Here is the new monitoring module MCLO to easily fit in crowded manholes!

30th March 2021
Aviation Business Middle East - A bright Idea

An Italian aviation duo have combined to develop a runway lighting control innovation that saves costs and helps operators meet their decarbonisation targets.

22nd March 2021
ACI Europe insights blog

Time to look at the future with new eyes

Some decades ago, I was sitting in a university lecture hall and one of the lessons that I won’t ever forget was about market reaction in moment of crisis: a company must invest and institutions must incentivize research and development.....

10th March 2021
Post LinkedIn

Airport Council International Europe ACI hosts our communications’ activities: read our press release in the section World Business Partner press release @WBPpress release

3rd March 2021
Post LinkedIn - Patented!

Celebrate with us the proof of a real Innovation: first achievement in our Country and the rest of the world is just around the corner!

11th February 2021
Post LinkedIn

INNOVATE & FOLLOW THE GREEN! We are ready to support Airports developing innovative and green projects for AGL remote monitoring and control: safe, efficient, sustainable and with the lowest fixed costs for maintenance!

13th January 2021
Aviation Business Middle East - Lighting up the Future

A good beginning for this new year that MC Solutions expects to be full of news & satisfactions: so don’t miss the publication on the prestigious magazine Aviation Business ME and the latest news in the online technology section

1st January 2021
Bright 2021

24th December 2020
Post LinkedIn

Each single ice crystal is unique: we wish you to feel the uniqueness of each simple and joyful moment!

8th December 2020
LinkedIn Post

Thanks to World Rally Championship WRC and ACI Rally Monza: a challenge against time, thrilling itineraries and moments full of emotions for MC Solutions team as well!

4th December 2020
Post LinkedIn

Maurizio & Debora welcomes you to Digital Airportshow Dubai!

19th November 2020
Post LinkedIn

Looking at a global market, MC Solutions announces its new product: UNI-CONV interface to communicate with LONWORKS protocol. With this new device the product range is ready for a worldwide offer, for Hyper Efficiency and Hyper Integration: talking in Lonworks, RS485, RS232, J-BUS, MOD-BUS.

11th November 2020
Post LinkedIn

The real innovation is not communicating from airfield to workstations or from runway incursion on optical fiber. REAL & INSTALLED INNOVATION is monitoring and controlling modules, one after another with optical fiber, commanding 50 RWY INCURSION sensors and stopbar light in a CAT III B Airport! Discover more on our Youtube channel!

4th November 2020
Post LinkedIn

MIA System is too fast in communicating alarms could we use just a stopwatch to detect a timing of MILLISECONDS? This is the way we engineered and manufactured LTC Lamp Time Control: compatible with any kind of standard FAA/ICAO light and ALCMS.

2nd October 2020
LinkedIn Post

After ENAC testing, we finally received the recognition of our hard work: 1600 Optical Fiber monitoring Modules, 50 Runway Incursion Sensors, with the exceptional result far beyond EASA standards. 0,7 Seconds:
time to alarm tower for the burnt lamp percentage alert on stopbar lights!

30th September 2020
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MC SOLUTIONS new certified instrument and patent pending: LTC Lamp Time Control to check the performance on any kind of AGL plant, lights or ALCMS.
Do not miss the editorial of Airside - Autumn Issue 2020. Want to discover more? Register to our Webinar 14th Oct 2020

Download the pdf

16th September 2020
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Discover full product range: field devices and agl monitoring&control MIA SYSTEM on MC SOLUTIONS new international showcase 

9th September 2020
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You can choose several new monitoring solutions, but every one of them is based on powerline communication. Choose the future of AGL monitoring & control: choose optical fiber communication! Still doubts when even your house net goes on optical fiber?

7th September 2020
LinkedIn Post

Behind the masks the satisfaction for another Formula 1 edition in Monza: data and high-quality video transmission.

29th July 2020
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Thanks to our team for its great job: being a certified quality company is not just working in compliance with procedures, but most of all means having a quality mindset to deliver our customers the best satisfaction we can.

July 2020

8th July 2020
LinkedIn Post

Purpose of FAA L-890 par. 1: no matter how many operations you cater in a day, the ALCMS simplifies AGL management and enhances airport safety. MIA SYSTEM is the ALCMS that can grant you safety, reliability and efficiency. The modularity of MIA lets us tailor the system from type A to type D, from control only up to SMGCS.
#midweekpost #airport #aviationindustry #aviationsafety

1st July 2020
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We are glad to share with you among our references another Military Airport with MIA SYSTEM!
#midweekpost #aviationsafety #airportoperations #airport

24th June 2020
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Full product range for AGL primary & aux services monitoring-control on optical fiber, FAA compliant, EASA compliant, high tech, low consumption, reliable, tested and installed.
#midweekpost #aviationmaintenance #aviationindustry #constructionprojects #airfield

17th June 2020
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#reliable #midweekpost

3rd June 2020
LinkedIn Post

Here is our work progress, at open airport, in our most complete CAT III B remote monitoring and control MIA SYSTEM. This is the right moment to consider a rehab plan for a safer and cost efficient technology that will last for the next 30 years: to be prepared for the future with a renovated airfield!

27th May 2020
LinkedIn Post

Reliable Hw + tailored Sw = MIA SYSTEM for an ALCMS FAA L890 compliant.

20th May 2020
LinkedIn Post

Data flow is nothing without its smart management! We've developed a simulation program that allows you to simulate alarms and possible anomalies stressing directly the devices already installed on the airfield. It is a precious tool to train operators and to manage the taxiway viability in a context of Rehab in progress, changing easily the routes and preserving the airport operativity.

13th May 2020
LinkedIn Post

Construction savings on AGL plants with MCLO module and MIA SYSTEM


6th May 2020
LinkedIn Post

25th March 2020
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MC SOLUTIONS thanks for support and encouragement received from all over the world, wishing everyone to come back soon to a reality that is far beyond our greatest expectations!

4th March 2020
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Are you sure about the burnt lamp detection time of your AGL monitoring? Check the safety performance of Your monitoring system! Here is LTC certified instrument: engineered and manufactured by MC SOLUTIONS - accuracy 1 millisecond on 1 sec, immune to human reactivity time, suitable to whichever monitoring manufacturer, immediately printed report.

26th February 2020
LinkedIn Post

Still convinced that powerline comm is the right technology to monitor AGL? #midweekpost

19 th February 2020
LinkedIn Post

High Tech in Airfield Ground Lighting monitoring and control with Optical Fiber: amazing MIA

12th February 2020
LinkedIn Post

Green Airport: MC SOLUTIONS' devices do their part! Low Consumption: MCLO 1Watt; MCLO-P 0,7Watt; CDU 15Watt; GPI 1Watt.

5th February 2020
LinkedIn Post

Continuous Runway Incursion false alarms? Safety is an issue and CDU is the way forward! Crossing Detection Unit based on MAGNETIC LOOP TECH.
NO interference | NO weather or animals issues | NO maintenance | NO calibration | improved with Optical Fiber data comm. | IP68
NOW available the new model performing independent STOP BAR and LEAD ON lights control
more than 50 units Installed, tested and Improved

29th January 2020
LinkedIn Post

Are you designing a new plant? Wondering how to change an existing powerline comm. system with a performing optical fiber light monitoring and control? With new MCLO “P” model you just need a special optical fiber cable for data comm. and power will be supplied through AGL circuit.
Consumption just 1 watt each module
Fault tolerance
1 sec ON/OFF command feedback
1 sec burnt lamp feedback 

22nd January 2020
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Tired to wait long minutes for a runway direction change? MCLO does it in a couple of seconds! Tired to wait for AGL feedback? MCLO gives it in 1,2 sec ! Leave behind powerline communication and discover MC innovative optical fiber module worldwide patent pending! Safety and efficiency in Advanced Surface Movement Guidance.......A-SMGCS

29th January 2020
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Are you designing a new plant? Wondering how to change an existing powerline comm. system with a performing optical fiber light monitoring and control? With new MCLO “P” model you just need a special optical fiber cable for data comm. and power will be supplied through AGL circuit.
Consumption just 1 watt each module
Fault tolerance
1 sec ON/OFF command feedback
1 sec burnt lamp feedback 

5th December 2019
MC conference during Digitalization Seminar - Inter Airport Europe 2019

JP4 Aeronautica e Spazio (Aeronautics and Space - Ed.) monthly magazine recognizes the interest that MC SOLUTIONS conference generated in occasion of the Digitalization Seminar hold at Inter Airport Europe 2019.
As the journalists wrote: MC Solutions “deserves a particular mention because this conference has given prestige to the Italian enterprises and acknowledges the technological development that our industry can offer […]”
Enjoy the reading!

20th November 2019
MC SOLUTIONS catches the attention of the international airfield community

We are honored that MC Module based on fiber optic technology has been selected by the editor of Airside International in the context of the focus on Inter Airport Europe 2019.

And we are of course glad to have been introduced by the editor with these words: [omitted] tool to maximise airside efficiency and minimise the time an aircraft spends on the ground between landing and its next scheduled take-off. […]

Click the link to read the full article and follow us towards a new mindset, a new technology to MONITOR and CONTROL LIGHTING VISUAL AIDS on runway and taxyway!

13th November 2019
MC SOLUTIONS YouTube channel enriches of new contents: watch what happens behind the scenes!

CCR connection to MIA System

MCLO LVA Optical Fiber Monitoring

21st October 2019
Inter Airport Europe 2019

MC SOLUTIONS thanks all visitors and participants to the seminar entitled “Safety and Efficiency Coexisting”.
We would like to thank You because exhibiting at an international fair such as IAE 2019 has meant to our company, not only the occasion to introduce ourselves to the airport’s world, but most of all has been an opportunity of growth and awareness.
Meeting the operator of this sector has been a precious moment to gather the needs of the post holders, the diverse peculiarity belonging to different geographic areas that are far from our one and the features that are considered as a plus.
Thanks for this mutual enrichment! 

11th October 2019
Venice Airport: a reality of Excellence

MC SOLUTIONS celebrates the end of the first successful Inter Airport 2019 and in the meantime its Team proudly announces:
- 1000 modules with new optical fiber tech for airfield lights’ control at Marco Polo Venice Airport
- 100 for a total planned of 160 CCR interfaces with MIA system remote control
- 8 for a total planned of 52 runway incursion detection systems

6th September 2019
Inter airport Europe 2019
Digitalization Seminar

MC Solutions is proud to announce to the International Airport Technologies world MIA SYSTEM: successfully developed and installed in several main Italian airports.
The results, that have gone beyond our customers’ expectations in terms of safety and reliability, have proven the perfect integration of MIA System on multiple levels, in full compliance with the latest EASA regulations.
In occasion of the 22nd Inter Airport Europe 2019 edition, on the day dedicated to
“The latest digital developments in fueling technology, airfield lighting and diagnostics”
MC Solutions invites You
10th October h 11.30 Hall C6
to participate at the presentation seminar of MIA System and the innovative Optical Fiber structure.  

4th September 2019
MC SOLUTIONS is on YouTube!

In view of the first participation to IAE 2019 and in an integrated communication plan, MC Solutions could not miss the YouTube international showcase.
In MC Solutions High Tech business, it is even more necessary a video communication tool through which our activities can be clarified: first of all, in the airport sector and then in the other fields with an amazing Corporate Video
Enjoy and keep you posted for the upcoming new contents! 

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